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    Normally, the service life of Easy-to-use UPS power supply can generally reach 8-10 years, while properly maintained UPS power supply can be used for more than 15 years, like data centers in many parts of the United States have spent 20 years or so, and the UPS power supply inside has never been replaced. This has a lot to do with the battery, which is the core component of the power supply. Here we will introduce the maintenance of Easy-to-use UPS power supply and how to prolong the power supply life.

    Maintenance of Easy-to-use UPS Power Supply

    Perfect maintenance conditions are: Easy-to-use UPS power supply room should be air-conditioned and anti-static floor room, lightning protection effect is good, dust-proof, moisture-proof, sun protection. Input voltage is best within the design range, the most reasonable range of load is 30% - 60%. Full load and overload will affect the life of Easy-to-use UPS. Maintain it at least once a year. But in reality, it is difficult for us to be so considerate, so some common sense of UPS power supply maintenance is particularly important, such as: prevent dust accumulation in the chassis, regular maintenance of batteries in the power supply and so on. These common sense of maintenance can often greatly prolong the service life of UPS power supply and reduce maintenance troubles.

    The Method of Extending the Life of Easy-to-use Uninterruptible Power Supply

    There are many ways to prolong the service life of the Easy Storage Battery. Here are some simple and practical tips.

    1. Avoid connection with inductive load. Inductive load has a large current flow, usually about 3 or 4 times the rated current. If UPS is connected with inductive load, it will cause power overload instantaneously and affect the life of power battery. Common inductance loads in life include fans, refrigerators, washing machines and so on.

    2. Do not run under overload as far as possible. Running as low as possible in the range of rated power, because over-load power operation will not only affect the life of the load products, but also affect the life of UPS power supply. In general, the load of on-line UPS power supply should be controlled at 70%-80%, while the load of backup UPS power supply should be controlled at 60%-70%. Note that overloading is not good, though not as serious as overloading.

    3. Regular maintenance. This is for the Easy Storage Battery in UPS power supply. As the core component of UPS power supply, we should protect it carefully and maintain it regularly. If the local power supply is not stopped for a long time, it must be interrupted periodically (for three months) to make the Easy UPS discharge with load. Because the power has not been cut off for a long time, so you always think it is working normally, but in fact once the power is cut off, it can only provide a very short delay or even no delay at all. The reason is that the Easy Storage Battery is in the state of floating charging for a long time.





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